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Virginity is reserved for a Styles named Harry.

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All of Me (A Harry Styles Imagine)

A/N: OMG this is a loooonngg one. LOL. It’s SAD, yeah, I think it’s sad. So I was listening to Legend’s All of Me while writing this so I suggest, you listen to that too while reading it. It kinda adds the emotions, yeah. I almost cried, LOL. And that’s the OST of the imagine so you have to listen to itttt while reading, haha. This is really long, I’m sorry because it has some backstory. I still hope you’ll enjoy and don’t get bored. Okaaayy, the A/N’s long enough too. LOL. Enjoy the story and lemme know what you think of it. Stay STYLES-ish and if u have requests, lemme know. xxxx




"Yeah, I just landed. How was she?"

He asked your mum on the phone. He just came from the tour and rushes his way to see you.


He took the fastest route to get to the hospital and brisk-walked inside. The hallway seemed an endless sad tunnel for him. His heart is beating fast. His palms are sweating. His walks are getting slower and gentle. He was now in front of your door. He breathes in before opening the door.



"Hiiii!" He greets you and your mom. Your mom, who is sitting beside you, stood up to meet him and he kisses her cheek. You don’t understand what’s happening.

"I understand your excitement," your mom says to him as she can see his stares pass her shoulders, which means he is looking at you. You are so surprised at how he knew you’re here. How did he find you is the question that’s running in your mind now.

He looks at your mum and nods politely. He looks at you again and spoke..


"it’s my first time seeing her awake," and your mum gave him a big hug. You can’t comprehend on what’s happening.

"Then I’ll leave you both alone," she said and glances at you one last time before heading to the door as he stands frozen.

You felt different emotions. Fear, confusion and a bit joy, seeing a cute boy stand in your room.

"Mum? Where are you going?" You called to your mom when she opens the door. You’re still looking at Harry who walks over to the seat beside you.

"I’m just going to buy us food," she said then disappeared at the door. You completely have no idea of what’s up. He sat beside you.


He smiles and you felt strange. “How’re you, angel?” he asked.

"I— I think I’m good, thanks," you looked at the flowers on the table on the other side. You looked away because you cannot handle his stares.

"Did you like those?" he asked and you nodded politely. He noticed you staring at the flowers, you don’t know what to do and where to stare now.

"Those are from me," he said and smiles sweetly. ‘Thanks," you answered.

"How’s your head?" he asked and you touched the wound on the right side of your temple. "It’s getting better,"

You both went silent for a while.

"So, who are you?" you asked and you can see a pained expression took over his beautiful face and you suddenly felt sorry.


"Um… I’m Harry,"

"Oh, yeah. Sorry, maybe you’re another mate from school whom I don’t remember again. Sorry, stupid head," you said and let out an awkward laugh. But it just gave him another dart in the heart.


"I’m not a mate," he said and you’re surprised. Your stares turn to him all of a sudden.


"I’m your fiance," and you felt cold water poured into your soul but then you regain yourself and laugh awkwardly again.

"Okay, so this is awkward. I think you must not be kidding ‘coz you know, you might mess up my mind and… my mind is not really helping me nowadays," then chuckled.


He showed you a picture from his phone and you recognized immediately the ring on the finger. It was the ring you are wearing when you woke up for the first time again, from coma.

"See? I’m not kidding," he said then looks at you. You felt horrified. Days ago, your friends from school visited you and they seem so friendly and fresh and young, but not one of them mentioned that you’re engaged, as well as your dad and mom whose always there to look after you even after the operation and the coma.

"But… But I don’t know you," you said and you can feel your fear rising in your chest and giving you tears.

"I know. That’s why I’m here," he said and tries to hold your hand but you pulled it away. You look at him horrified.

"Mom!" You shouted, still eyeing him with fear and strangeness. "Mommyyy!"

"Y/N, sshhh. No, it’s just me," he said and again, you felt everything in your system panic. He’s leaning closer and you cried. You stomp your feet on the bed and called your mom hysterically.

"Mommyyyy! Be here!" you shouted again and pressed the button on the table to call your nurse. "Nurse!" Harry still hushes you and stood to give you a hug but you pushed him back his chair.

"Don’t fvcking touch meeee! I don’t fvcking know youuu!"

"But I’m your husband!"

"No you’re not! I don’t even like youuu!" You shouted at him and your head started to ache. "Nursse!" you still manage to shout for the last time because your head is really hell.

Harry looked at you worriedly but stopped himself from getting near to you so he peeked outside the door and call a nurse. One came in and gave you sedatives and you felt calmer after some time. But you’re still teary, not being able to understand what’s happening. And then your mom came and comfort Harry.


"It’s okay sweetie, at least you tried," she said as she hugs Harry and you can’t believe. How come your mom was on his side?

"Mommy?" you asked and she looked at you. You shook your head disbelievingly. She comes to your side and kisses your forehead. "Honey, I think you need some sleep," you looked at her and nodded. Then you look at Harry. He’s looking down.

"Um, mum… Where did you put my ring?" you asked and Harry suddenly looked at you, surprised, he even caught you looking at him. Even your mom looked shocked at your question.

"Honey, I— I kept it in my pocket. Do you want it back?" she asked and you looked at Harry.


You don’t even know this person and here he is one day, claiming he’s your fiance. But deep in your heart, you know there’s something missing within you and you know that he would be a big puzzle piece of it. And you wanted to know.

"No, mom." You said firmly as you look at Harry and it is very evident on his face that it pained him. A lot. And then his phone rang.

"Excuse me, I just have to take this call," he said then walks outside, closing the door after him.

"honey, you should at least give him a chance," your mom started and you looked at her. "Why didn’t you tell me?" You said.

"Because we thought he’d never come back," she said and then stroke your hair. "Honey, he’d been here all this time. Since the accident, he was actually the first person to be here. He was ten minutes earlier than us, your dad and I. When the operation came and you went coma, he’s been here all days and nights, looking after you. I remember arriving here and seeing him sleep at the chair beside you and then he’ll hear that I’m here and stand up politely and keep telling me, ‘I swear I’m awake, I just took a nap’, afraid of us thinking that he is not taking good care of you," your mom smiles as she recalls the memory. "He’s a good lad, baby. And we trust him wholeheartedly. The day of the accident, that was actually the last day you were supposed to be together because he’s leaving for tour. So you decided to be the one to drop him off the airport and you’re both happy and sad for each other. And when you’re on your way home, that’s when the accident happen. It was a kitten baby, that caused all of this," your mom recalled with a bitter smile. "Harry is a big fan of cats that’s why you don’t wanna harm one even if it almost causes you your life. You constantly tell us that cats remind you of Harry that’s why you don’t want to even accidentally stomp at their tails. And when Harry learned about the accident, he immediately ran to see you and ask the management to cancel the tour because he wants to look over you and he kept blaming himself responsible for the accident," your mom looks at you and went silent for a while then Harry went in. "I don’t want to overwhelm you with stories so I just said a bit." She stood and kissed your forehead then spoke, "I’ll just pick up the food I’ve ordered," then left.


"You can sleep, I’ll watch over you. And don’t worry, I won’t get any nearer," Harry said after a moment of silence between the two of you. He’s sitting on the sofa on your far left.

"Okay, another surgery for tomorrow for my elbow so I must get enough rest," you said and before he could speak anything, you closed your eyes. After some time, you cannot sleep but you cannot open your eyes too. You know he already thinks your asleep. You heard him move and footsteps approach your direction. You felt nervous again but you must not move, remember, you’re ‘asleep’. You hear him sit on the chair beside you and spoke,

"I don’t know how even in a face full of scars, you still look the most stunning in my eyes. I understand everything, you don’t have to worry. I know about how hard it will be but I choose to be with you and I will never break my promise," you hear him sniff. "I remember how our mornings used to be, you’d wake me up with your annoying morning breath but I love it, it’s never disgusting. How we quarrel over the remote and TV channels. How we drive around the city, without talking but very happy taking the roadtrip, the silence somehow connects us. How you can easily cut your own hair when you don’t feel comfortable on it anymore and you’ll still look beautiful with an awkward haircut. I know I’m gonna have to put those away for some time but I don’t mind. I don’t mind waiting. I don’t mind taking care of my fiancee which happens to be, I’m a stranger in her eyes. I don’t mind cancelling or missing again another tour for you, I mean, I just came home from one after cancelling it before and yeah… very excited to see you awake again. Hearing that you woke up again is just like, another motivation for me to live again. Y/N, I don’t mind repeating our love story, and even if this time, it wouldn’t be me you’d fall for and the situation might mess up, just remember, I won’t stop loving you. I belong to you, and nobody else. I won’t get tired of patiently waiting for your memory to be back again and I’d be willing to accept what will happen. you are more than everything to me, you mean the whole world to me so I’m giving my all just to make you happy and see you smile again. I don’t know how but it seemed to me that when I feel sad about the world, I’ll just look at you then everything in the world will be right again,"


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